How to surrender your will.

In this article, I pray that it will bless every reader . I would like to give a short testimony on what god did for me .  For some time now I have been trying  and wondering how I was going to do things . And when you have no help and people looking at you as if you was crazy lol. But

God has a way to give favor when it seems to be no favor.  Hi, my name is Mascheria .I am a writer and producer .  For different podcast radio stations . But I really wanted to get out into the deep . I wrote my first book . Then I started my TV network  but there was still something missing but I could not understand . Until one day I was listening to a song.

call  let my soul surrender .  After listening to this song . I would go to bed and it would be all in my spirit .   Until one morning I got up and began to pray and just told God I surrender

After that, I felt all the weight just fall off my feet . Within 5 hours  I had to call my boss and he told me are you ready for the radio station .  I said yes , Now it was one thing talking about it .

But to get the paperwork  that was totally different . Once I sign the papers then I knew it was mine.

When you surrender to God . Just lay everything down at his feet . Then and there is when you can see the blessing of God flow .

I just wanted to write this short story  and just tell you SURRENDER . Your will to his . Not your will but his will . For thou is the kingdom and the power and glory . let thy will be done .

I pray that if you want to see thing brighten up in your life  surrender .