The Empowerment Network TV

Welcome to the empowerment network tv . Hi my name is Mascheria  Perdue/ Nabbs I am the founder and CEO if the Empowerment Network Tv . The Empowerment Network is a network to empower people of all walks of like . And for a limit time . To see a peek of one of the shows it only cost 3.00  . This is for the first 200 people that check the empowerment network out.  Click on this link and enjoy . This show is about Education and it will be very helpful to see what is really out here with some of the best colleges in the world . check it out . You will be glad .

Welcome to The Empowerment Network TV

The Empowerment Network Tv  is a Christian base network  that want to reach families . The Empowerment Network Tv is a internet  base. So call it web tv . I was blessed to get in contact with a company called Da Cast. This company is off the change meaning great.  I would like to share a little about my self . I am Christian counselor. There are many talk shows out here but nothing is really base on families .  And I wanted to do something different. I want to make a different in some child life . I want to be able to say there is hope you do not have to end your life this away.I want to be able to look at a young lady and say you do not have to give your body to a man just to prove you love him . I want to be able to tell that husband and wife you do not have to end your marriage there is hope it you will for give each other and work things out . I want to be able to tell that young man if his girl friend do not want him there is more girl that would want to love him . So many things that I want to say and the only way to is through TV .  I have did 2 shows . (1) is called the  2016 Election   (2) Called  Edx about  school check out you will be so glad you did . They are pay pre view . The cost is 5.00 . But if you want  a subscriptions  it will cost 80.00 . . Once you get pay pre view you will find out when the next show will air.  Thank you for visiting  The Empowerment Network TV . And lets Empower each other with love and grace . Blessings  You can contact us at